Zipper Genie gives you the independence and freedom to wear the clothes you love. With Zipper Genie, you can independently zip and unzip your dress in seconds.

Our primary goal is to make zipping a dress effortless. After attaching Zipper Genie, you simply put on your dress and zip it up.

It is our mission to remove limitations by allowing you to wear the clothes you love instead of being limited based on your ability.

Zipping up is a breeze with Zipper Genie

  • Hook It- Attach the hook to the zipper, and place the clip within reach upon pulling the dress up.
  • Zip It- Place your dress on as normal and remove the clip from the dress. Place one hand firmly near the base of the zipper, and pull the chain straight up
  • Flaunt It- Remove the hook from the zipper and you are ready to go.


Unzipping your dress is easier with Zipper Genie

After a long day, you are tired and ready to go to bed. Therefore you can not afford to waste time and your remaining energy on unzipping your dress. With three simple steps you will getting your beauty rest in no time.

Unwind in no time

  • Hook– Attach the hook to the zipper.
  • Unzip– Place one hand firmly at the top of the dress, and pull the chain toward the base of the dress.
  • Relax-Remove the hook from zipper

Functional Accessory

Zipper Genie is perfect for situations when you are home alone without assistance, traveling, and dress shopping. When dress shopping or wearing a jumpsuit, you can place Zipper Genie around your neck as a necklace, so you can have a dress assistant when you need it most.

Zipper Selection

Zipper Genie can be used on any zipper. If your zipper tab doesn’t have a hole you can simply attach the hook inside the jump ring. Don’t waste time and energy struggling to zip up your dress. Get Zipper Genie today and spend less time getting dressed and more time enjoying your day.

Customer Reviews

.You don’t need a man. You need a Zipper Genie! By Nom de plume on October 30, 2016

Color: White Verified Purchase
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Life saver product! I struggle terribly with some amazing dresses and halloween costumes with back zippers. Instead of struggling for hours getting a back zipper outfit on and off, not drinking water for fear of using the bathroom, and strange contortionist moves, get the Zipper Genie. It clips in within 1 second. The key is holding the outfit below when zipping up with an overhead approach and the reverse for zipping down. This is intuitive and is learned easily. I’m a fan!

Genius Solution for Everyday Dressing By Amazon Customer on September 24, 2016

Color: White Verified Purchase
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After struggling to zip up dresses, jumpsuits and tops, I finally found a product that makes my life easier (whether I’m home, traveling or just trying clothing on at a store). Zipper genie is really easy to use and works on even the smallest zippers. What a creative and useful product! A true solution for anyone having trouble getting in and out of clothing with zippers. I would definitely recommend this one!

it works!! By Mia on September 5, 2016

Color: Pink Verified Purchase
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Its really strong and super cute, it makes zipping up dresses super easy and the clamp makes it perfect to not have the chain dangle.
great!!!!!! I used this as soon as I got it home. it works perfectly. I am free to get dressed without asking for help. I love it.


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