Jessica Jones Z ipper Genie



Jessica Jones invented Zipper Genie with a goal of making zipping and unzipping easier.  After a series of events she became determined to make zipping a dress effortless. One instance was on a Sunday when she was getting dressed she asked her husband to zip her dress while he was shaving. She became frustrated waiting on him to stop shaving to zip her dress, because she knew she did not have much time to get their two sons dressed. After he zipped her dress did not reflect on it again. The second instance was not a coincidence she was in the dressing room of a department store when a stranger said she was embarrassed then asked her politely to zip her dress. At that moment she knew this was a problem, and was determined to find a solution. Jessica spent nearly a year researching and developing a solution that not only made zipping a dress easier, but effortless. While developing Zipper Genie she learned that over 50% of people choose not to purchase dresses with zippers due to they can not zip them. Jessica believes you should not be limited to what you wear based on your ability. She is determined to  provide people with a solution,so they confidently wear the clothes they love and allow them to have fashion without limits.